Biscoff Protein Fudge

£2.99 Per bar

Protein fudge 66g 

Biscoff flavoured Protein Fudge

20g Protein per piece (66g)

Our signature biscoff fudge. A soft creamy biscoff flavoured fudge with a yummy layer of biscoff spread swirled in and smothered in caramelised Biscoff crumbs.
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Macros are per piece- 188 calories 20g protein 9g carbohydrates 9g fat

Per 100g

Energy – 1213KJ

Fat – 13g

Saturates – 3g

Carbohydrates – 13g

Sugars – 9g

Protein – 30g

Salts – 0.02

Calories – 289


Dietary information, allergens

(Milk, soya, lecithin, wheat, soy, barley)

May contain nuts, eggs, butter, wheat

Protein Fudge will last upto four to six weeks

Suitable for Vegetarian

Keep refrigerated for best results, can be frozen.

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