Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my order to get to me?
  • All orders have a 7-14 working day processing period, this includes clothing orders - please take this into consideration when waiting for your order to arrive. on average it takes 7 working days for an order to be baked and then shipped out to you.
  • Once orders are received over the opening hours of the site (Sunday)
    Orders will start to be baked fresh by hand on the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

  • Once all orders that were placed over the weekend are baked, packaged and labeled they will be packed with your order note in the box ready to be dropped off with the shipping company (thursdays)
  • Once your order is dropped off with the shipping company they will be picked up Friday at noon you will received shipping emails confirming your order has been shipped containing full tracking details. So please track your order via your tracking email.please patiently wait for your delivery’s it can take 1-4 WORKING days fro your order to arrive.
  • Please track your orders via your email tracking yourself and pay attention to when it has been picked up by the shipping company. If your tracking says awaiting parcel to arrive this means i still have your order and i will get it to the shipping company asap.

it is worth the wait!

working days do not include weekends. the processing time of an order does not include the shipping time

on the rare occasion that. I run out of stock, fudge slabs will be replaced with individual pieces and vice versa to avoid delays. If for any reason this is and issue please contact me via email

Allergens and Nutritional value?

All allergens are listed on the products description And product labels

Please note because i work in a kitchen that handles 3 type of nuts i have to Lable may contain for this reason

Products not containing nuts state in the description (may contain)

Protein fudge may vary slightly in weight due to it being hand made and hand cut but the per 100g weight is listed on the website

All my products are hand made and hand cut and packaged appearance and weight may vary slightly

All products can be found on myfitness pal

All products are vegetarian except rocky road products and marshmallow Krispie treats. It is stated in the product description

What is the products use by date?

Product use by information is on the product description and the products Lable

Once you receive your order..

  • Protein cookies will last upto eight weeks kept at room temperature or can be refrigerated and frozen
  • Protein krispie treats will last upto four weeks kept at room temperature or can be refrigerated
  • Protein Fudge will last upto four to six weeks keep refrigerated for best results can be frozen
How much is postage and packaging and how long does shipping take?

1-4 days delivery.. £4.99 on all UK orders. Due to COVID this may affect the shipping times please be patient during this time Thankyou

A protein queen email will be sent to you when your order has been dropped off at the courier. A full tracking email will Also be sent with tracking details as your parcel makes its way to you, please track your deliveries yourself via the emails provided.

If a missed delivery card is left by the postman , your order needs to be retrieved or rearranged asap. Once you have picked up your order remember to refrigerate immediately if the product requires it. I will not be held responsible if left for A long period of time in the post depo if a delivery has been missed

depending What day i ship on sometimes i created the shipments the night before i post them out, this will send you the tracking details automatically. The tracking will state “we are awaiting your parcel” this does not means its lost it means I haven’t dropped them off with the shipping company yet.


On the very rare occasion a parcel has taken more than 5 WORKING days then please contact the courier company with the information on your email.. only after this you can contact me and if the order is missing then a full replacement will be sent out to you if your order has not arrived in 14 working days. I do apologies if this happens and i do my best by my customers to sort out the situation

please note it is hand made food being posted to you.

  • i can not be held responsible for any errors customers make whilst checking out due to shipping being processed by a easy ship How ever if you know you have made an error that needs amending on your shipping address please email me asap and i will try to amend the error. I will not be held responsible if the error is on your behalf and the order is shipped to the wrong address, my apologies. Please take extra care on checkout and spelling things correctly and double check your address is correct Thankyou. You can create a Protien queen account to make check out faster with your saved details
  • Returning items
    • Clothing Returns are to be done within 14 working days
    • All clothing wished to be returned must be in the same condition as received
    • I am happy to exchange any item if requested
    • Food returns are not accepted
    • Please keep food items once received as instructed
    Where do you ship to?

    I currently ship UK wide! Excluding mother Ireland due to the brexit situation. Hopefully a more suitable option will be found soon and we can ship to Europe again.

    Orders placed upon the website opening Fridays (for the time being)

    Clothing order please allow upto 14 working days for your order to be processed printed and sent out to you 1st class Royal Mail

    Clothing orders have free postage included

    for clothing sizing please check description

    Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

    Still got a question? Send us an email

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      All queries will be be responded to on Mondays and Fridays