Nut-Ella Protein Fudge

£2.99 Per bar

Protein fudge slab – 400g (6 pieces at 66g)

Nut-Ella Protein Fudge

A smooth hazelnut chocolate flavoured protein fudge with Nutella swirled in and topped with chopped hazelnuts

20g Protein per piece (66g)

Macros are per piece of fudge – 210 calories 20g protein 11g carbohydrates 9g fat

Macros Per 100g

Energy – 1213KJ

Fat – 13g

Saturates – 3g

Carbohydrates – 16g

Sugars – 9g

Protein – 30g

Salts – 0.02

Calories – 323


Dietary information, allergens

(Milk, Hazelnuts, soya, lecithin, wheat, soy, barley)

May contain nuts, eggs, butter, wheat

Protein Fudge will last upto four to six weeks

Suitable for Vegetarian