Biscoff Protein Queen Monster Cookie

£2.99 Per Cookie

Protein Monster Cookie 75g 

Biscoff flavoured 

Our signature hand made biscoff monster cookie has a new and improved biscoff flavour.

a Biscoff  flavoured cookie dough lightly baked and topped with biscoff spread, white chocolate and a Caramelised biscoff crumbs

25g Protein per cookie (75g)

218 calories 25g protein 11g carbohydrates 6g fat 21g fibre

Macros Per 100g

Energy – 1397J

Fat – 10g

Saturates – 1g

Carbohydrates – 16g

Sugars – 9g

Protein – 37g 

Salts – 0.07

Calories – 290

Dietary information, allergens

(Milk, soya, lecithin, wheat, soy, barley)

May contain nuts, eggs, butter, wheat

Protein cookies will last upto to six weeks

Suitable for Vegetarian

store at room temperature, can be refrigerated and frozen