Frequently asked questions

What is the products use by date?

Once you receive your order..

  • Protein balls and sweet pizza pies will last upto 7 days in a fridge in a sealed container can be frozen for upto six weeks
  • Protein cookies will last upto eight weeks kept at room temperature or can be refrigerated and frozen
  • Protein krispie treats will last upto four weeks kept at room temperature or can be refrigerated
  • Protein brownies and Cupcakes keep upto two weeks in or out of the fridge, can be frozen
  • Protein Fudge will last upto four to six weeks keep refrigerated for best results can be frozen
Allergens and Nutritional value?

all allergens are listed on the products description

most products contain nuts

products not containing nuts state in the description (may contain)

How much is postage and packaging?

1-2 day delivery.. £4.49 on all UK orders

a email will be sent with a delivery date and time slot

If a red card is left by the postman , your order needs to be retrieved or rearranged delivery as soon as possible. Once you have picked up your order remember to refrigerate immediately. I will not be held responsible if left for to long in the post depo if a delivery has been

Europe postage £10.50 3-5 business days


international postage please email me for a quote


Where do you ship to?

I currently only ship to the UK and Europe.Though I do ship to Europe I can not guarantee the the condition of your parcels due to international shipping and any international orders are made at your own risk, Protein Balls and Protein Pizza’s can not be shiped outside of the UK, This is due to the fact that they may expire during international shipping. I can not guarantee the timing of international shipping

I am willing  to ship to other countries if emailed first to sort out other options of postage

How long will my order take to arrive?
  • All orders have a 7-14 working day processing period, this includes clothing orders – please take this into consideration when waiting for your order to arrive. on average 7 working days to receive a order, bake fresh goods, package the order and pass it onto the courier service for 1-3 days delivery service
  • orders are received 1-2 working Days (3-5working days EU) by the customers once you have received your protein queen dispatched email making you aware that your order has been freshly prepared then your order is ready to be shipped to you, please patiently wait for your delivery email.
  • If you are local to me orders will be delivered personally by myself on a evening.
  • I run my business single handed,I bake everything fresh the day it is posted out to you.
  • In the rare case that a order is delayed with the shipping company and any product reaches its use by date (protein pizzas & protein balls) I will replace them in your next order

it is worth the wait!

Returning items
  • Clothing Returns are to be done within 14 working days
  • All clothing wished to be returned must be in the same condition as received
  • I am happy to exchange any item if requested
  • Food returns are not accepted
  • Please keep food items once received as instructed